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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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order because they recognized him and those ohio plates, thank goodness this entire ordeal is over, not for, of course, the family of mr. godwin, but for the rest of the community. thank you very much. and thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. the president signed an executive order to buy american. wait, does that want he wants me to stop buying trump products? "the lead" starts right now. president trump ordering the u.s. government to buy america and buy american and hire american, but should the president be looking into his own company's business practices first? the latest in conflict of interest watch on the same april night she had dinner with president xi ivanka trump won some lucrative trademarks in president xi's home country of china. plus, breaking news. after a three-day manhunt that started with a murder that was
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horrendously posted to facebook, the suspect is now dead, but do police know if he made good on his evil promise to kill more people before he killed himself? good afternoon, everybody. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. moments ago president trump signed an executive order aimed at putting to paper some of the rhetoric from his campaign, but the white house is calling its buy american hire american order. it would beef up some protections for specific products made in the u.s. while also initiating a review of the program for skilled immigrant, the h1 isb visa program which the white house and plenty of other critics say have been abused by corporate america. buying american and hiring american. it's time, the president said today, repeatedly, assailing cheap subsidized and low quality foreign goods. it's an important issue. it's one i asked then candidate trump about in june 2015 because, of course, many trump corporation products are not
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made in the u.s., far from it. as you may or may not know. this is a trump tie. >> yes. >> i bought it for this interview. >> not only that, i buy a lot of stuff because -- >> as you know, they are made in china. >> beautiful tie, by the way. >> it's a lovely tie. it's made in china. >> correct. >> is it hypocritical at all for you to talk about that? >> not at all. >> trump clothing, according to reporting by the cnn and the "new york times" and "washington post" is made in bangladesh and made in pakistan and india and honduras in addition to the u.s. ivanka trump apparel is also made in china and indonesia and vietnam. now, as for hiring american, a cnn review found that the president, as a corporate head, has hired more than 1,300 foreign guest workers to work at his various businesses here in the u.s. over the past 15 years, including requesting 7878 visas to staff his two florida properties for this year. let's go now to cnn's jeff zeleny who is live in kenosha,
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wisconsin where the president toured a high-end tool manufacturer, snap-on tools, designed and manufactured and marketed in the u.s. the president could be a leader here, not just as a president but as a corporate titan. does the white house acknowledge that he has not practiced what he's preaching? >> reporter: well, jake, that is not something that came up here in kenosha when the president was speaking. he, of course, did not acknowledge that he's been exhibit "a" of all of the things that you just mentioned there, and it also highlights the shortcomings of the executive order he just signed here. it is not a piece of legislation. it is not a law that would require companies that would require people to hire americans or would require companies to use american products. instead, it's more of a directive, if you will, and it's urging federal agencies to, you know, try and use more american goods, but it would do nothing at all for businessmen or women like the trumps who have done this. i did talk to a senior
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administration official earlier today about is there any hypocrisy in this, the fact that, you know, the president himself before he came president did all what you just mentioned? look, he was a private citizen then. it's one of the reasons he believes the laws need to change. jake, again, this executive order that the president signed is going on the shelf with other executive orders. yes, it does things around the edges, but it does not do what a piece of legislation would do, and you wonder why it's not been proposed in congress because it is actually something that might pass the house or the senate here but that, of course, has not been done. we're in speaker paul ryan's home district here in kenosha, wisconsin. so far this has not been something that's been part of the trump legislative agenda. jake, the president did talk i think in the most interesting terms about health care reform yet that i've heard him talk about. he said that people need to urge their members of congress to vote for it, acknowledging that it's been hard and without that
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tax reform is even harder. jake? >> all right. jeff zeleny for us at kenosha, wisconsin, at the site of the president's speech. thanks so much. ijoined my senator joe manchin, democrat of west virginia. senator, thanks so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, jake. >> senator, bottom lines, as you know, when it comes to buy american provisions, american products and american employees tend to cost more than foreign products and foreign employees so while it's great for the manufacturers and employees, it might be worse for consumers and employers. at the end of the day, will a buy american provision, if it were broader than this executive order which is fairly narrow, would it help your constituents more or hurt your constituents more? >> well, i think any time we can create jocks in america it helps us all. west virginia has taken a tremendous hit, jake, on a lot of manufacturing jobs that left starting with nafta and on down the line, so anything that we
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can do to create more opportunities here. bottom line is the free enterprise system and capitalist society that we live in. people are going to migrate to the cheapest price, but i think america can compete. we have not put as much attention to manufacturing lately and innovation techniques of manufacturing. we're still the best innovators and creators and i still believe we're the best workers. we don't work as cheap as everyone else, but we live a better quality of life and i can't see how that can't be balanced out to where we have more opportunities here and offset the tariffs coming in to balance things out. you know, you're not going to be able to compete with vietnamese at less than $1 a hour, and there's a lot of countries the that pay no minimum wage at all, so with that being said, i think that we have to reshuffle the deck, if you will, and give us a chance. >> well, you're talking about trade policy in addition to buy america. i mean, one of the reasons why so many americans -- >> well, trade policy.
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>> go ahead. >> jake, it goes and in and. you know, first of all, you need a competitive tax. we need a tax overhaul. we've known that for quite some time. it's not been since the middle '80s, 30 some years that we've done it and we've never gone that long. the world has changed, the economies have changed. the markets have change had had. were need a competitive global tax rate. people pay their fair share. the wealthy pay their fair share. everybody pays something into this, but with that being said, then you can start looking at how do we compete? and you're going to be able to compete by not just continually wholesaling your jobs out, saying someone else can do it cheaper. the bottom line is we have to have workers, and we have to have work for workers, and -- and, you know, i just -- i believe it can be done, but you've got to have the fortitude to do it and want to do it and the will to do it, and i'm -- i'm very appreciative that if this is the order that comes down, we'll have more attention then let's do it, but don't just
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say you're going do it and sign an order and think it's going to happen. >> right. that's what i wanted to ask you about in addition. in 2015 then candidate trump told me that his clothing companies manufactured so many of their clothing items in places like china and bangladesh because it was so much cheaper to do so. does the fact that this self-described billionaire continues to make so many of his products overseas say anything to you about how seriously he actually takes this issue? it's obviously a lot easier to tell the federal government to do something than it is to tell your own corporation to do it because it will actually cost you money? >> well, in a competitive world you want to make sure everyone is playing on the same field. the president could lead by example here, but if we change the tax code, if we change basically how we tax products coming to this market when they are made so much cheaper with cheaper labor giving the american worker a chance in america, and if he would pursue
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that and push that and start bringing, you know, the products that he or his family are having made elsewhere, say we can do it with a proper tax code and compete and we can do it in america but somebody's got to step to the plate. leadership is loading, and this is what we're hoping will happen. >> just a quick question. would you like it, senator, if donald trump businessman were to announce that his company was going -- his corporation was going to start manufacturing clothing in west virginia? >> oh, my goodness, would we ever. we used to have some of the best shirt companies in america right here. morgan shirt companies, one of the finest shirt companies in the whole world and they went out of business many, many years ago because they couldn't compete. we're up and ready to go. give us a chance. we can do the job. >> all right. >> don jr. and eric, i hope you. senator joe manchin. >> i hope they did. >> thanks so much. >> i hope they did, too.
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we need all the jobs we can get in west virginia, and we're appreciative of them also. >> thank you, sir. and on this tax day we ask what could comp first, tax reform or president trump releasing his tax returns? that story next. lobster, so lit. at red lobster's lobsterfest any of these 9 lobster dishes could be yours. so don't resist delicious new lobster mix and match or lobsterfest surf and turf because you won't have this chance for long.
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welcome back to "the lead. go the "sticking to our politics lead now. president trump's jobs push comes as we learn one of his goals of completing tax reform by the end of the summer seems to be in peril. treasury secretary steve mnuchin tells "the financial times" passing reform by august likely would be pushed back after republicans scuttled the health care overhaul. cnn's jim acosta has more from the white house. >> reporter: on the road in wisconsin, a state he flipped red to help win the white house, president trump's message was all about the american worker. >> we're going to do everything in our power to make sure that more products are stamped with those wonderful words, made in the usa. >> reporter: president trump is saying no to an american tradition, established by his recent predecessors in the oval office. he's refusing to release his tax returns around this tax day. the president's continued
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secrecy about his tax returns is mobilizing protests across the country. even sparking anger at congressional town halls where some voters are accusing mr. trump of hiding his business dealings overseas. >> it doesn't take a lot of effort to find out where donald trump has overseas. he normally puts his names on buildings that he has them. >> i think people are going to keep demanding it and demanding it and making their voices heard on this. >> reporter: democrats warn the president's refusal to release his returns could have a policy impact on gop efforts to reform the tax code. members of congress are wondering whether changes to the law would benefit trump family businesses. >> what i've said is it's going to be much harder to get tax reform done if the president doesn't disclose his taxes. >> reporter: the white house says the president doesn't plan to offer up his returns while he remains under audit, but officials are not ruling out a release in the future. >> we'll have to get back to you on that. >> reporter: democrats are also slamming the trump administration's decision against labeling china a currentsy manipulator, a
1:16 pm
flip-flop for the president but a reversal he defends. >> in the mid will of him talking with nrks i'm goi talking with north korea, i'm going to hit them with currency manipulator. >> reporter: a new gallup poll 45% says the president keeps his promises, mr. trump is injecting himself into a hotly contested special election for a congressional special election with a robo cal. >> liberal democrats from outside of georgia are spending millions and millions of dollars trying to take your congressional seat away from you. don't let them do it. >> reporter: a sign the democrats may pull off an upset in the traditionally republican interest. >> the president is misinformed with respect to my priorities. >> reporter: now the white house says the president's trip to wisconsin i didn't fear with west wing plans to debate whether to pull out of the paris climate deal from the obama era that's aimed at reducing carbon
1:17 pm
emissions. top white house officials were scheduled to meet on that issue today, but that's now been postponed for at least a couple of weeks. the president promised to scrap that deal, you'll recall, during the campaign when he was a candidate, so that's another campaign promise to keep an eye on over here at the white house. >> jim acosta, thank you so much. ivanka trump's company gets approval for some chinese trademarks the same day she was wining and dining with the chinese president. why she now potentially, potentially could be subject to an investigation. stay with us. 3 terrible two's, and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations, and 1 tiny announcement. behr. number one rated interior paint, exterior paint and stain. protecting and perfecting since 1947. only at the home depot.
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we're back with our world lead. in the face of north korean provocations with both bravado and seriousness of purpose, president trump six days ago announced he had sent the aircraft carrier "the "uss carl vinson"" and guided missile destroyers to the korean peninsula. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful. we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that i can tell you. >> it turns out that the warships are currently nowhere near the region yet. pentagon officials are telling cnn that the armada, as
1:22 pm
president trump called it, probably will not get to the area until the end of this month. let's bring in cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. we'll get to the "uss vinson" but you just broke the story a short time ago that the pentagon is planning on conducting major missile tests in preparation for the worst case scenario with north korea. tell us about that. >> reporter: jake, these are actually part of a long planned program of missile tests but very timely, very interesting, nonetheless. two tests. one will test an improved missile at sea on board a navy ship capable of shooting down a north korean or iranian missile for that fact that it's happening out in the pacific, so it's all about north korea right now. they are going to test him proved missile. the other test perhaps even more interesting. they will launch a test missile out at van den berg air force base in california and see if it can intercept a mock incoming intercontinental blimp. the big worry, of course, that
1:23 pm
north korea might be able to develop that. that program has had a very mixed track record in the u.s. military, about a 50% success rate. it's all about whether they can really defend the u.s. homeland. jake? >> barbara, i think a lot of people listening to the president and the white house last week thought that the aircraft carrier the ""uss carl vinson"" and the other boats and warships were headed to the korean peninsula last week, but we know now that currently they are participating in naval exercises with the australian navy near singapore, nowhere near the korean peninsula. what happened here? why was the white house making the suggestion? >> the armada, a phrase that i don't think the u.s. navy has used in about 250 years, that aside, look, here's what's really happening. the navy put out a press release saying they were headed in that direction to north of where they were. within a couple of days the navy did clarify for journalists they were in fact first going to do a number of naval exercises around
1:24 pm
australia, and, in fact, they are headed north once again. this is a show of force, a u.s. military show of force in that region, sending a message to kim jong-un, but an aircraft carrier isn't going to have any real capability against north korea's missile or nuclear program, make no mistake about that. a show of force, i think it's very interesting the president, who didn't want to signal his military moves announced that an armada was on the way. jake? >> barbara starr, thank you so much. georgia is doing its best florida impression. why a red seat in georgia is currently the center of the political universe right now and what that could say about how voters feel after president trump's first 89 days. stay with us. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting and i thought, well, you need to go to the doctor. i was told that is was cancer, and i called cancer treatment centers of america. dr. nader explained that they can pinpoint the treatment.
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we're back more with our
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politics lead today. it's election day in georgia. polls are closing in fewer than three hours in the sixth congressional district which contains much of atlanta's northern suburbs. the seat opened up when republican congressman tom price took the job at the department of health and human services. it's a traditionally republican seat, but trump only won it by one percentage point last november and today's game it's a cliche but it's true. it's all about turnout. if the no candidate scores 50%, there will be then a runoff in june. democratic candidate jon ossoff is leading the very crowded field in polls but big question is can he get more than 50% of the vote? today president trump fired off tweets directed at him and just recorded this robo call to voters. >> if you don't vote tomorrow, ossoff will raise your taxes, destroy your health care and flood our country with illegal immigrants. >> i want to get to cnn's manu raju. if this race wasn't already about president trump, he sure has now made it about him.
1:30 pm
>> yeah, no question about it, jake. it would be a huge repudiation for president trump if ossoff were to get more than 50% of the vote tonight and avoid a runoff and win this seat. that would also set off major panic among republicans as they try to keep the house in next year's mid terms where they cannot lose 24 seats if they want to say in the majority. one reason why republicans are nervous, jake, is apathy. apathy among the republican base because of their concerns of not as much getting done under all republican washington as had been promised on the campaign trail. earlier today i had a chance to speak to one of those republican candidates karen handle about the frustration that she's hearing from voters. >> yes, there's a little anxiety about congressional inaction, if you will, and -- and, you know, there's a real desire for people to see the republicans in congress move from vocal opposition to actually governing, and that's been a constant theme, repetitive theme
1:31 pm
throughout the whole campaign with the voters i've talked to. >> reporter: still, jake, i spoke to officials in both parties. it would a huge upset if ossoff were to get more than 50% tonight. most expect him to be somewhere in the mid-40s and that would prompt a two-person runoff in june in which the republican will probably be favored but nothing is a slam dunk, particularly in this congressional environment. >> manu, ossoff has faced tough questions about the fact that, first of all, he lives outside the congressional district so he couldn't even vote for himself today. how is he explaining that? >> well, he's saying he lives pretty close to the district and was not expecting this seat to open up, and he says he has roots that are long-standing here saying he was raised here in the sixth congressional district. he was asked about this earlier today on "new day." here's how he explained himself. >> well, i grew up in this district. i grew up in this community. no one knew there was going to be an election coming.
1:32 pm
>> reporter: this is one of the many attacks coming his way. there's been roughly $1 million in republican ads flooding the airwaves, a lot of them attacks over mr. ossoff's character, questioning not just his ties to house democratic leader nancy pelosi but also airing unflattering footage of him from college as well as even raising concerns over the past work he did for the qatar-based news network al jazeera and if this goes to a two-person runoff it's going to get a lot nastier and a lot more money will flood into this district. >> manu raju, thanks so much. our money lead, earlier this month on april 6thth ivanka trump's company was granted new trademarks that gave sole rights to sell ivanka trump-branded bags and spa services in china. on that same day ivanka and her husband jared kushner were seated next to president xi of china and his wife at a private presidential dinner at mar-a-lago. the associated press first reported the trademarks and the
1:33 pm
dates coinciding. it's just the latest example of the continued entanglement of the trump family buses and the foreign policy of the united states under the trump administration, and it's today owes conflict of interest watch. here with me is cnn's cristina alesci. what steps have ivanka trump taken to try to clear up these potential conflicts? >> she stepped away from managing the business on a day-to-day basis and put her financial assets in a trust, but at the end of the day she still makes money off of her companies. ethics experts say keeping that financial stake raises the potential for corruption here. their point is why take that risk and open yourself up to questions like the one we're raising today about the timing of these approvals. ivanka's company says there's nothing to see here. at first they told me earlier today the brand has filed, updated and rigorously protected its international trademarks over the past several years in normal course of birks especially in regions where trademark infringement is
1:34 pm
rampant. later the company added it needed these protections because third parties are increasingly trying to profit off of her name, essentially admitting her name is more valuable now, but the optics of having dinner with the chinese president at the same time that the country is approving these trademarks are just bad, and unlike her father ivanka is subject to the criminal conflict of interest laws. when she joined the administration, she didn't have to follow those results, you'll remember, that jake. in march after intense scrutiny she changed her status and became an official employee. that was supposed to ease concerns around these conflicts. it was supposed to engender trust, but this story just goes to show you these questions are going to keep coming up so long as she holds a financial stake in her company. >> and how have sales been for her brand because obviously we've seen some difficulty there? >> we have seen some difficulty, and the brand does not make those numbers public. i've asked many times, so we have to rely hon third-party
1:35 pm
data, and what we see there is that there's some volatility to your point. for example, online sales surged 183% from january to february, but then declined 59% in march. now, it may be a temporary blip. one thing is for sure though, more people know her brand now. the retail experts say sales are likely to grow, particularly overseas, even though ivanka isn't running the company, her name is on the label, so it's inextricably tied to the glamour of the white house. >> yeah. she has more of a public profile now than she ever did before. >> yeah. >> cristina alesci, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> sure. did president trump just pick up the known to congratulate a newly minted dictator? why some critics, including republicans, are slamming his call to the leader of turkey. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." we've got lots to talk about with my political panel today. let's just dive right in. let's start with this power grab in turkey, and really conflicting messages we've heard from president trump who apparently did not mention any of the concerns that so many americans, especially in his administration have, and then you have the state department and you have the republican chairman of the house foreign affairs committee all expressing concerns with what ergdogan is doing with the power grab. >> if you trust the favor results giving him vast presidential powers shifting them from a parliamentary to
1:41 pm
presidential system. it's being called creeping authoritarianism and in the official readout from president trump to.erdogan no mention of any kinds of concerns, that it was just a congratulatory note. the state department was saying there's a lot of potential problems in this vote and even as the europe european officials was saying there's a lot of concerns here. and officials are now course correcting saying he favors keeping america safe. >> there seems to be almost two foreign policies, the nikki haleys, the rex tillersons and the secretary mattises of the world who are traditional, focusing on human rights and talking about that sort of thing and what you might get -- gotten from a jeb bush or marco rubio presidency and then have you donald trump who is really basically about america first,
1:42 pm
not really criticizing russia, cozying up to allies no matter how horrible the human rights abuses are if he thinks they can help the u.s. -- keep the u.s. safe. >> and that's kind of what you're seeing. you're seeing a white house that hasn't quite gelled with a lot of its policies, not just foreign policy. this is going to, of course, give his domestic critics a lot to snicker about. well, he likes hey fortarians. why wouldn't he be doing this, but, you know, the bigger question is when are they going to kind of get their ducks in a row or can they if he is going to kind of go out on his own with this sort of thing? >> again, is the chaos a future or a bug? >> yeah. so far a feature. we published a lot of articles in "the weekly standard" cris siding president obama to being too kind to president erdogan. didn't he say he was one of the foreign leaders he spoke with the most and erdogan was taking turkey down the road towards islamism and a recall to have dictatorship. it's not there yet. that's a complicated place but
1:43 pm
not good developments, and you would want an american president to at least register and let the world know and the people of turkey know. as olivia said he only got 51%, a lot of people in turkey would like to keep democracy or something closer to democracy and it would be nice to give them some encouragement rather than giving erdogan a blank check. >> i was talking to a european leader the other day who suggested that one of the problems that the u.s. is having when fighting isis is that the turkish military is in a horrible condition and that's why they are relying on the kurds so much because erdogan has locked the up 40,000 people, many of them overs, so turkish military isn't really prepared for the battle. it's one of these places where actually cozying up to this dictator and what he's doing or if he's not a dictator, then this near dictator and what he's doing may not be in the best interest of the united states but let me change the subject to what we just heard about ivanka trump and this continuing issue about potential conflicts of
1:44 pm
interest. i personally suspect that she did not raise the issue of her trademarks when she had dinner with president xi, but, again, these issues are going to go on for four to eight years. >> she doesn't need to, right? she doesn't need to be explicit about any of this. in fact, it's in large part on the northern governments, the foreign governments and foreign business partners of the trumps who will be saying, wow, well, maybe getting in good with the trump white house we should expedite this deal. we don't know if that's happened. that's one of the problems with the trump's refusal to fully distance themselves from their business the way past presidents have. it's going to be a story for as long as they don't distance themselves from those businesses. >> even jimmy carter sold his peanut farm. >> exactly. >> i can't remember if it was donald trump jr. or eric trump on the white house lawn talking about the business and remarking on, you know, these sorts of things. it's laughable that you can have the sort of separation that they are claiming they can have, you know, because trump is not
1:45 pm
running the business h.'sin the white house then everything is hunky-dory. that's completely ridiculous. if they want to end the stories they have to go a lot farther but frankly i don't think they care. they are not suffering it yet. >> there are all the ethics rules and i remember being in government and sometimes they are a pain in the neck and overdo it with being persnickety and there seems to be waivers granted and sometimes the waivers are reasonable, you know. some very distant relationship, but shouldn't the waivers be public? i mean, the rules are public. if someone is getting a waiver because he had business interests and is still allowed to participate in decisions with that country, shouldn't we know about that? >> only a minute left. i want to get your quick predictions about what will happen in georgia today in the sixth congressional district. >> i think everyone will claim victory, right. if the democrats come close but fall short, it will be it's a much more robust showing and who ever would have expected this. i think there's going to be a couple days out more of a
1:46 pm
dissection of exactly who helped whom in the race and in the short term no matter what the outcome is. >> politicians will spin. that's your prediction? >> you know, i know. i'm going out on a limb. >> he made no prediction at all that. was pat thick, like a politician here. how many votes is ossoff going to get? >> i don't hear one from you. >> ossoff will go just above 50%. >> michelle? >> i'm going to put it back and say there needs to be a runoff. >> thank you so much. ahead this week on cnn the one of a kind musical journey, soundtracks, songs that defined history. stay with us. sfwle every movement has to have a song. >> i can hear you and the rest of the world can hear you. >> the music will remind you it's always possible. >> that is what anthems are made of. >> it's about standing up for your rights. >> they were killing our own
1:47 pm
children. >> what the hell are we going to do that for? >> a cultural political statement. >> music is a vehicle for revolution. >> that courage changed how i viewed him. >> in the aftermath of 9/11 everyone was in it together. >> somebody's got to put this into words and emotions for everyone to hear. ♪ new york state of mind
1:48 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." breaking news in the national lead. found dead, the three-day
1:52 pm
multi-state manhunt for the so-called facebook murder. steve stephens, the cleveland murder suspect accused of posting video on facebook shot and killed himself after a basketweave chase in erie, pennsylvania. he was wanted for the death of robert godwin, a grandfather of 14 who was shot while walking home from an easter meal. more live from erie, pennsylvania. police were getting tips as far away as texas. how did they finally find him? >> reporter: well, yeah. they were getting had hundred tips, texas from northeast baltimore. they always had erie on their radar for two reasons. one, stephens' cell phone pinged here on sunday and there's a casino here he often went to. police were here on sunday canvassing the area. they were back here about to continue the search today when they got a tip from a mcdonald's just two miles from where i'm standing. an eagle-eyed worker in the drive thru spotted stevens and took his order and then stalled while the restaurant called
1:53 pm
police. >> the search for steve stephens has ended. >> reporter: the nationwide search for the man police say killed a 74-year-old man and posted a video of it on facebook is over. >> pennsylvania state police officers received a tip that the vehicle that we were looking for, the white ford fusion, was in a mcdonald's parking lot near erie, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the suspect took off leading police on a four-mile chase, the chase ending when he lost control of his car. >> at the end steve stephens took his own life. >> reporter: that ended a nationwide manhunt when he killed 74-year-old robert godwin. >> oh, lord have mercy. oh, my god. >> reporter: godwin's murder posted to facebook. on the video he said he was a monster who snapped and was angry with his girlfriend.
1:54 pm
godwin apparently targeted at random. >> he was definitely a people person. there's nobody that didn't love my dad. >> reporter: his family mourning his loss but forgiving stephens. >> each one of us forgive the killer, the murder. >> you gho? >> we absolutely do. i can say i hold no animosity in my heart against this man. >> reporter: another family member had a sharper tone today after stephens' democrat all can i say is that i wish he had gone down in a hail of 100 bullets. brendan heyman told cnn. court records show stephens had financial trouble declaring bankruptcy in 2015 and having wages garnished as recent as this month. he had a history gambling at two casinos, including one in erie. the search for him collected more than 400 tips from as far away as texas. one hint, a cell phone ping picked up in erie first yielded
1:55 pm
no results, but today a new search was under way. >> we were in the process today of going back and doing a more thorough search of that area when this transpired. >> reporter: and, jake, we're giving our viewers a live look at where that chase ended, that ford fusion with the yellow tarp. police right now conducting a search warrant. we're told investigators are trying to figure out where stephens has been, what has he been doing the last 48 hours? although investigators do tell us they don't believe he had any accomplices. jake? >> all right. brynn gingras. thanks so much for that. to our buried lead, stories we think is not getting enough information. the trump investigation is calling on chechnya to investigate reports of gay men being killed. nikki haley says this violation of human rights cannot be
1:56 pm
ignored. two men are providing efld of this grotesque barberism. one man has a cell phone video that proves the chechen government is hunting down gay men and beating them. the men say they escaped persecution from chechnya. they told their story to cnn's matthew chance who joins me live from moscow. is the chechen government or even the kremlin taking these very disturbing claims seriously? >> reporter: well, jake, they are certainly not taking them as seriously as they should be. what the kremlin says is that they haven't got any reliable information about a crackdown on gay men in chechnya. the chechen authorities are simply dismissing the allegations out of and, but tonight we've spoken to several chechen men who now been evacuated to safety, who are helping us build a better picture of what exactly is going on. russia has a checkered gay rights record, breaking up pride marches, even passing anti-gay
1:57 pm
propaganda laws. but there's now shocking allegations of much worse. hundreds of gay men in chechnya and southern russia being round up and brutally tortured by the local authorities. people like ahmed. he spoke to cnn on the promise we hide his identity. >> translator: my car got stopped at a chechen police checkpoint, and they asked me for my documents. they looked at them and said we are taking you. >> reporter: for years activists say sexual minorities have been targeted in conservative mainly muslim chechnya. one recent victim shared this cell phone video with cnn. he recorded it as his friend was abducted and beaten just over a year ago, he told us. but now activists say the problem is much worse, with hundreds of gay men being detained in special camps, some like this chechen man subjected
1:58 pm
to horrifying abuse. >> translator: they started beating me with their fists and feet. they wanted to get names of my gay friends from me, and then they tied wires to my and and put metal clippers in my ears to electrocute me. they have special office which is very powerful. when they shock you, you jump high above the ground. >> reporter: chechnya is run by a kremlin-backed strong man who regularly posts videos of himself working out in his private gym. the spokesman calls the allegations of a gay crackdown in chechnya an absolute lie, denying gay men exist there. chechen clerics even gave this fiery sermon condemning the allegations and promising retribution. a major russian newspaper which first reported this story says its entire staff is now at risk of reprisals.
1:59 pm
but it's not the beatings nor the torture terrifying the men we met. in chechnya, just being outed as gay, they told me, is a death sentence. >> translator: if my family finds out that i'm gay, then no authorities, no troops are needed. they will kill me themselves. even if my parents won't forgive me. someone like my uncle won't forgive. >> reporter: well, jake, it's those fears of family retribution that is now force so many gay chechens like the ones we spoke to out of their homes. as we've seen, the authorities both here in moscow and in chechnya itself are either complicit or at the very least they are turning their backs. back to you. >> great reporting are, matthew, thank you so much. appreciate t.matthew chance live for us in moscow. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter and a programming note. next week we'll mark president
2:00 pm
trump's first 100 days in office with a special primetime edition of "the lead." nights to our regular 4:00 p.m. slot we'll also be on at 9:00 p.m. eastern starting monday through friday. we hope you'll join us. that's it for "the lead." and turning it over to one mr. wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." happening now, military options. the pentagon weighs its options for possible moves against kim jong-un's regime as it prepares to test weapons meant to shoot down north korean missiles. north korea warns of all-out war if the u.s. takes military action. buying in? president trump travels to wisconsin to push his buy american and hire american policy, but will americans buy into that if it means paying more, and will the trump family conduct its own business that way? ivoyagea's trademark. president trump's daughter and advisers lands new trademarks from the brand